StewPod #3: Which players belong in the baseball video-game Hall of Fame?

June 4, 2015

There's plenty of debate on these here Internets about which baseball games are the best, we're taking the discussion a different direction in the latest installment of The StewPod: Which players were the best? If there were a baseball video-game Hall of Fame, which players would be in it?

To dive into this topic, Chris and I are joined by two pals: Bad News Ramen from the MutaScale podcast and our favorite baseball card collectorCardboard Icons

Also on this week's show:
• Joc Pederson vs. Kris Bryant
• The powerful debut of Joey Gallo (he's hit another homer since we taped this)
• Is this the best time for young MLB stars?
• Will the MLB draft ever be cool?
• Paste vs. Norkus, and other video-game baseball talk
• What non-baseball things are we diggin' right now?

We apologize if you spend the rest of your day pining to play old-school baseball games.

[Featured music: Theme songs from "Bases Loaded," "Baseball" and "R.B.I. Baseball."]


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