StewPod #13: Hector Santiago, the man who signs the most autographs in MLB

August 19, 2015

Hector Santiago thinks he signs more autographs than any player in Major League Baseball. He might also ask for more. So, game recognize game?

Santiago has an immense autograph collection that he's gathered throughout his time in pro baseball — from Pete Rose all the way to the guy who sits a few to his side in the Los Angeles Angels clubhouse, Albert Pujols. Because of that, Santiago says he's always willing to sign autographs for fans, especially kids.

That's one thing that makes him a good ambassador for the game. His 2.86 ERA in 23 starts this year is another. Santiago has linked up with MLB's Play Ball program and its Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program, the latter of which Santiago participated in as a kid. Through those two, he's made efforts to get more kids in engaged in baseball. Telling autograph stories probably helps. 

Santiago also joined The StewPod this week to share those stories, talk about his interest in the game as a kid, his screwball and lots more. Here's a full rundown of this week's show:

• Intro
• Hector Santiago joins the show
• Why it's important to get kids interested in the game
• How he got interested in baseball
• His autograph collection
• The first autograph Hector got and the toughest person to ask
• His screwball
• What adjustments he made to step his game up in 2015
• Our buddy Bad News Ramen joins us to talk about the Little League Softball scandal and coaching kids
• Mike and Chris discuss the Red Sox hiring Dave Dombrowski 
• Is MLB doing enough to prevent pitchers from getting hit by comebackers?
• Important questions

[Music: Vince Staples - "C.N.B."]


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