StewPod #7: David Price talks Tigers, social media and baseball brotherhood

July 1, 2015

With July upon us and baseball a lot more interesting these days, Detroit Tigers pitcher David Price joined this week's StewPod to talk about a litany of things — the pre-game mood in the Tigers clubhouse, how players use social media, how the trade deadline affects players rumored to be dealt and the relationships he's made around baseball. It's an enlightening chat with one of baseball's best pitchers and we think you'll enjoy it. 

Here's the full rundown of the show:
• Intro
• David Price joins the StewPod
• What's the mood like in your clubhouse before a game?
• Is it nice to not have to worry about trade rumors this time of year?
• The baseball brotherhood
• Pablo Sandoval, Instagram and how players really use their phones
• How awesome is Miguel Cabrera?
• Which pitchers have impressed him this season?
• Where do the Tigers go from here?
• Elsewhere in MLB: How awkward is the rest of the season going to be in Philly?
• Yasiel Puig's teammates are annoyed by him. Does that change our opinion of him?
• How we'd make the Home Run Derby better
• Our take on bullpen roles and what Huston Street thinks of them
• Important questions about ballpark food, RBIs and leap seconds.

 [Music: "Straighten It Out" and "I Got a Love" by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth]


StewPod #6: Looking back at a wacky week in baseball with Jeff Passan

June 25, 2015

We've reached summer, when the NBA and NHL seasons come to a close and baseball is the star of the sports world. And this year, baseball's time in the sun is proving a little wacky.

The past week has seen Pete Rose getting in trouble for age-old gambling records, A-Rod getting No. 3,000 then having to fight a ballhawk for it, Pablo Sandoval getting in trouble for bathroom Instagram use, the ongoing All-Star voting foolishness, wild fan catches and more.

Here to discuss it all on this week's StewPod is Yahoo Sports baseball columnist Jeff Passan. Jeff's a guy who loves a good meal and has some pro wrestling knowledge tucked away in his brain, so we'll also have some fun with our "Important Questions" segment. Plus we'll get the scoop on Jeff's upcoming book, "The Arm." 

Here's the full rundown:
• Everybody Hates Chris
• The wacky week in baseball
• What's the story of the week to Jeff?
• Would you give A-Rod his ball? What's your price?
• Aside from Pablo Sandoval, who's most likely to get in trouble for IG creeping?
• What's the best outcome for AL All-Star voting?
• What's been the story of the season thus far?
• Jeff talks about his book and Tommy John surgery.
• What’s your favorite place to eat on the road? 
Is a hot dog a sandwich?
What’s the story behind your Twitter avatar?
If you were making a Survivor Series team of baseball players, who would you pick?
What about with baseball writers? 
Can you beat Chris Cotillo in arm wrestling?
What do you do when you have a day off?
Would you rather your mom date Bryce Harper or A-Rod?

[Music: "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" by Jamie XX ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]


StewPod #5: Joc Pederson talks ‘Call of Duty’ and MLB’s talented rookie class

June 19, 2015

Baseball life doesn't just happened on the field. A big part of the season for players during the season is traveling, going from hotel to hotel, making friends, hanging out and amusing yourself between baseball obligations.

It's no secret that baseball players love video games. Especially the youngsters, like 23-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Joc Pederson, who used his Thursday afternoon to congregate with gamers at the giant E3 Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One of the biggest attractions at the biggest video-game event of the season was "Call of Duty: Black Ops III," the latest game in the uber-popular series that will hit stores this fall.

Pederson being something of a celebrity now because of his stellar rookie season got the take it all like a MVP. And he called The StewPod from the E3 show floor to tell us all about it. We talked video games, which MLB players are good at them and lots more on this week's show.

Here's the full rundown:

• Welcome and show preview
• Joc Pederson interview
• What's happening at E3?
• Who he plays video games with
• The young stars that excite Joc
• Which players are good at video games.
• The Hack: How high up did it go?
• The Hack: What should the consequences be?
• Someone voted for the Royals in the All-Star game with Mike's e-mail address
• Are we buying the stats/results at this point of the season?
• Would you rather get hit in the face with a hot dog or a foul ball?
• Best All-Star hats
• The "Silicon Valley" finale
• Chris goes to San Diego 

[Music: "Strangers" by Langhorne Slim / "Drag" by Day Wave]


StewPod #4: Should fans really pick the MLB All-Stars?

June 12, 2015

Voting for this year's MLB All-Star game has turned into a ballot-stuffing frenzy in Kansas City, where fans have made it so Royals would start at seven of nine positions if voting ended today. This week on the The StewPod, we discuss whether fans should really be determining the MLB All-Stars and, consequently, what exactly the modern All-Star game means.

Chris Cwik and Mike Oz are joined by Bad News Ramen from the Muta Scale podcast and we're also talking about Chris Heston's no-hitter, the ever-resilient St. Louis Cardinals and whether we're buying the hottest team in baseball (what a tease!).

Here's a full rundown: 
• Greetings (0:25)
• Should fans vote for the All-Star game? (2:55) 
• Chris Heston's no-hitter: Would you rather throw a no-no or win Rookie of the Year? (7:30) 
• Will the Cardinals ever crumble? (14:40) 
• The hottest team in baseball: Are you buying them? (18:55) 
• How many times has Bryce Harper seen the "Entourage" movie? (26:10) 
• What happens when A-Rod hits homer No. 666 (26:50) 
• Pat Venditte, Yogi Berra and why Mike is stupid (27:35)

[Music: "Star" by The Roots / "Definition" by Black Star]


StewPod #3: Which players belong in the baseball video-game Hall of Fame?

June 4, 2015

There's plenty of debate on these here Internets about which baseball games are the best, we're taking the discussion a different direction in the latest installment of The StewPod: Which players were the best? If there were a baseball video-game Hall of Fame, which players would be in it?

To dive into this topic, Chris and I are joined by two pals: Bad News Ramen from the MutaScale podcast and our favorite baseball card collectorCardboard Icons

Also on this week's show:
• Joc Pederson vs. Kris Bryant
• The powerful debut of Joey Gallo (he's hit another homer since we taped this)
• Is this the best time for young MLB stars?
• Will the MLB draft ever be cool?
• Paste vs. Norkus, and other video-game baseball talk
• What non-baseball things are we diggin' right now?

We apologize if you spend the rest of your day pining to play old-school baseball games.

[Featured music: Theme songs from "Bases Loaded," "Baseball" and "R.B.I. Baseball."]


StewPod #2: Talking sneakers and baseball with Evan Longoria

May 28, 2015

Evan Longoria joins hosts Mike Oz and Chris Cwik on The StewPod to talk about his New Balance kicks, his own sneaker collection, his team's surprising start and much more. Here's a full rundown of the show:

• Early All-Star ballots: What do you love? What do you hate? 
• The Marlins are still a mess 
• A detour into A-Rodville 
• Is Ruben Amaro an idiot? 
• Chris drops truth bombs (with sound effects) 
• Are [surprise successful team] for real? 
• Evan Longoria joins us to talk about shoes — specifically his New Balance collabo. 
• What were the first pair of kicks that Evan HAD to have? 
• What’s it like designing your own shoes with New Balance? 
• Why don’t more baseball players have their own sneakers? 
• So the Rays are doing much better than anybody though. Let’s talk about that. 
• “Evan Longoria, why don’t you steal more bases?” 
• Reader e-mail: “Are MLB general managers just over the hill?”


StewPod #1: Me and you, Bryce Harper, A-Rod and your mama too

May 20, 2015

On the inaugural Big League Stew podcast, Mike Oz and Chris Cwik talk about: 

• Whether the Houston Astros are for real
• What if all the MLB GMs became managers tomorrow? Who would be good?
• Ichiro vs. Pete Rose
• Can Bartolo Colon be the last Expo standing?
• The intersecting storylines of Bryce Harper and A-Rod
• We play a fun "OR" game involving Harper, A-Rod, Monopoly, the movies and Chris' mom.
Thanks for checking out The Stew Pod. Follow us: @mikeoz@chris_cwik and @bigleaguestew.