StewPod #9: The secrets of ‘Major League,’ our favorite baseball movie

July 16, 2015

There's been plenty of real baseball lately and plenty more in the months ahead, but we're using the dead days in the MLB All-Star break to talk a bit about fictional baseball. Specifically, our favorite baseball movie (and probably yours too) — "Major League." 

On this week's installment of The StewPod, Mike and Chris are joined by sportswriter and author Jonathan Knight, who recently released "The Making of Major League," a book detailing the backstory of how Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Jobu, Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano and all the rest of our favorite fictional Indians came to be.

We delve into Knight's experience writing the book, as he shares behind-the-scenes stories and secrets about the film you might not know. 

Here's the full rundown of the show:
• Intro
• Jonathan Knight interview about "The Making of Major League"
• The process of writing a book about "Major League" 
• Stories and secrets about the film
• Getting Charlie Sheen involved
* Mike and Chris talk about their second-favorite baseball movies
• What we liked and didn't like about the All-Star game
• Trade deadline matchmaker
• Important questions
• What if your wife thinks Bryce Harper is hot?
• The Franchise Four of Food

[Music: "Burn On" by Randy Newman"]


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