StewPod #6: Looking back at a wacky week in baseball with Jeff Passan

June 25, 2015

We've reached summer, when the NBA and NHL seasons come to a close and baseball is the star of the sports world. And this year, baseball's time in the sun is proving a little wacky.

The past week has seen Pete Rose getting in trouble for age-old gambling records, A-Rod getting No. 3,000 then having to fight a ballhawk for it, Pablo Sandoval getting in trouble for bathroom Instagram use, the ongoing All-Star voting foolishness, wild fan catches and more.

Here to discuss it all on this week's StewPod is Yahoo Sports baseball columnist Jeff Passan. Jeff's a guy who loves a good meal and has some pro wrestling knowledge tucked away in his brain, so we'll also have some fun with our "Important Questions" segment. Plus we'll get the scoop on Jeff's upcoming book, "The Arm." 

Here's the full rundown:
• Everybody Hates Chris
• The wacky week in baseball
• What's the story of the week to Jeff?
• Would you give A-Rod his ball? What's your price?
• Aside from Pablo Sandoval, who's most likely to get in trouble for IG creeping?
• What's the best outcome for AL All-Star voting?
• What's been the story of the season thus far?
• Jeff talks about his book and Tommy John surgery.
• What’s your favorite place to eat on the road? 
Is a hot dog a sandwich?
What’s the story behind your Twitter avatar?
If you were making a Survivor Series team of baseball players, who would you pick?
What about with baseball writers? 
Can you beat Chris Cotillo in arm wrestling?
What do you do when you have a day off?
Would you rather your mom date Bryce Harper or A-Rod?

[Music: "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" by Jamie XX ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]


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