StewPod #4: Should fans really pick the MLB All-Stars?

June 12, 2015

Voting for this year's MLB All-Star game has turned into a ballot-stuffing frenzy in Kansas City, where fans have made it so Royals would start at seven of nine positions if voting ended today. This week on the The StewPod, we discuss whether fans should really be determining the MLB All-Stars and, consequently, what exactly the modern All-Star game means.

Chris Cwik and Mike Oz are joined by Bad News Ramen from the Muta Scale podcast and we're also talking about Chris Heston's no-hitter, the ever-resilient St. Louis Cardinals and whether we're buying the hottest team in baseball (what a tease!).

Here's a full rundown: 
• Greetings (0:25)
• Should fans vote for the All-Star game? (2:55) 
• Chris Heston's no-hitter: Would you rather throw a no-no or win Rookie of the Year? (7:30) 
• Will the Cardinals ever crumble? (14:40) 
• The hottest team in baseball: Are you buying them? (18:55) 
• How many times has Bryce Harper seen the "Entourage" movie? (26:10) 
• What happens when A-Rod hits homer No. 666 (26:50) 
• Pat Venditte, Yogi Berra and why Mike is stupid (27:35)

[Music: "Star" by The Roots / "Definition" by Black Star]


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