StewPod #17: Andrew McCutchen on the Pirates’ World Series aspirations

September 16, 2015
It's not just about making the playoffs anymore in Pittsburgh. Those Pirates, the underdogs, they're gone. These 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates are a force and everybody knows it.

They're 85-57, the second-best record in baseball, yet because the St. Louis Cardinals are also so good, the Pirates could be looking at a do-or-die Wild Card game once the season is over. Make no mistake, though, these Pirates have World Series aspirations.

On this week's podcast, we're joined by their superstar, Andrew McCutchen, who talks about his thirst for a World Series ring, having to battle the Cardinals in the stacked NL Central and what it's like having seen the Pirates transform from one of baseball's worst teams to one of its best. We also had some fun talking about his hidden talents, music and Batman.

Here's a rundown of the show: 
• Intro
• Andrew McCutchen joins the show 
• Does he wish the Pirates were in a different division? 
• Should MLB change the playoff-seeding system like the NBA did? 
• How good are the pitchers in the NL Central?
• It's not just about making the playoffs. What are the goals now?
• How has the city embraced the Pirates now that they're winners?
• Fun questions: Is the coolest guy in baseball? What other hidden talents does he have? What music is he listening to? Etc.
• Bad News Ramen joins the show for his new Three Strikes segment on the Giants, Jon Lester and the new MLB awards.
• Mike and Chris discuss new World Series favorites, how the Rangers got so good, if Bryce Harper should still be MVP and what the A's should do with Barry Zito.
• Important questions about NFL players playing baseball and fantasy baseball.

[Music: Richie Cunning - "Leave It Alone"]

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