StewPod #12: Should adults bring gloves to baseball games?

August 13, 2015

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We always like a good baseball debate and this week's StewPod, we have a fun one. It's not as serious as whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame or as timeless as whether there should be a designated hitter, but it's one people usually feel strongly about one way or another.

Should adults bring gloves to baseball games?

To some people, it is an absolute no-no. Grown folks, particularly grown men, should not bring gloves to a game. That is strictly kids territory. Other fans are far more open to this idea, thinking it's part of the baseball culture. We're settling this in proper fashion on this week's podcast, with our boy Bad News Ramen jumping in the debate.

Here's the full rundown of this week's show:

• Intro
• Debate: Should adults bring gloves to baseball games?
• Should everyone be fearing the Blue Jays?
• Where do the Cubs fit in the NL posteason picture?
• How many baseball fans REALLY know about WAR?
• Which 80s pro wrestler wanted to beat up Mike Oz last week.
• What superhero powers would be illegal in baseball?
• What's Chris' favorite Migos song?

[Music: "Meth vs. Chef" by Method Man ft. Raekwon]


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